Investment Management


Another BIMFS course that works to reduce excessive stress, but this time in the 'Share Market' is titled 'Investment Management' which is also a six month course & is open to candidates who have passed class XII, preferably with a Commerce or Economics background. Standing out from amidst the institute's other 'futuristic' courses like Tea Management, Technical Analysis, Hospital & Management, Photography & Personal Financial Planning, this programme addresses the need for education among many of the players in India's buoyant stock market today.

The course acts as a safety net that trains individuals with both professional & personal skills, to time the market correctly & control risks, in order to minimize losses & maximize profits. Given that interest, attitude & aptitude is what counts most here, students attending previous batches at BIMFS have been a motley crowd consisting of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Employees from corporate houses, banks, brokering firms & housewives.

Training is imparted by a faculty made up of stock brokers, active research analysts, members of NSE & BSE. The course equips individuals to play their cards right with the use of special packages, computers, data charts & the internet. They are taught to make a beginning by investing money in market, are guided on the sectors to go for, encouraged to take calculated risks & understand the market which is the result of a mixed play of psychology & rationality. BIMFS trains students in taking crucial decisions & even organizes mock share trading sessions for them. The curriculum includes subjects like, Basics Of Equity, Finance, Mutual Finds, Debt Market, Derivatives, Fundamental Analysis, Macro Economics, Portfolio Management & Technical Analysis, It's Philosophy, Tools, Theories, Patterns, Investors Psychology & Risk Management. Career prospects after this course brighten up in spheres of finance, stock broking companies, investment banks, mutual funds, equity research outfits, besides independent practice, which is also an option.

Career Prospects
Finance and broking companies, investment banks, matual fund, equity research outfits.

Class XII (preferably with Commerce and Economics)

6 months

6-8 p.m. , 2-6 p.m. Saturday

Tuesday, Thursdays, Saturdays

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