Diploma in Personal Financial Planning


The last two decades have seen the uprising of the Indian economy resulting in higher income and improving lifestyle of its citizen. With liberalization & globalization, Indian investors are now able to access the expertise of world-class financial services companies, who have set up their shop in India. They are offering their premium products to the Indian investors, which were earlier not available.

More and more new products are based on complex structures and satisfy the specific needs of a client. Personal financial planning has been the hot topic of discussion at all forums highlighting the importance of planning for the large, educated and young workforce to help them plan for their financial goals and retire safely in the future. In past, distribution of financial product was confused to be advisory. Now clients are differentiating between distributions and need based advisory services. Insurance planning, retirement planning, wealth management, children marriage expenses planning, tax efficient investing, Unit linked insurance plan, structured products, alternative investments, need based advice are some of the many new terms and products, which have given rise to personal financial planning module.

This transition is leading to improved methods and more sophisticated approach being employed by financial planners to meet the needs of the clients. The field of personal finance is one area, which has been on a trail blazing path of new innovation and discovery both in terms of products and services. This program presents the essence of personal financial planning.

Career Prospects
Finance and broking companies, investment banks, mutual fund, equity research outfits.

Class XII

1 year

6 P.M. - 8 P.M. on Wednesday, 3 P.M. - 5 P.M. on Saturday

Wednesday and Saturday

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